How many times in 2020 have you said the word 'unprecedented' or 'uncertain'? For us at Love in The Lost Sierra, we lost count. COVID-19 has definitely made 2020 a year to remember, especially if you are trying to stay on top of that wedding planning checklist. Regardless of how 'uncertain' 2020 has been, we are bringing some certainty to your wedding planning process to hopefully provide you with a bit of ease. So, whether you're completely re-planning your Summer 2020 wedding for Fall 2021 or just figuring out how to fit your dream wedding into this new normal, we've got your back! Here are some of our expert tips for planning a wedding during COVID-19:

Health & Safety ... But Make it Cute!

Health and safety information is HUGE. Inform your guests of all prevalent health and safety information before they arrive at your celebration. Whether this means adding a details card to your invitation suite or creating a separate tab on your website, guests will thank you for keeping them in the loop. Cute sanitation stations, themed masks and social distance wristbands are all the rage for 2021 - let your guests know what you will be doing to ensure everyone is comfortable attending your celebration. Another tip: rearrange those seating layouts! Just because you can easily seat 10 people at those rustic farm tables, doesn't mean you have to. Only seating 6 guests at a table or assigning tables by household will go a long way to limit COVID-19 anxieties. Really tap into your creative side (or your wedding planner's) to flawlessly incorporate safety precautions into your overall wedding design. 

Intimate Celebrations:

The pandemic has clearly forced many couples to triple check their guest lists and re-evaluate if the originally scheduled, 300+ party is realistic. Adjusting your count to a more intimate gathering (i.e., weddings under 175) may be safer and easier to plan. A smaller-than-predicted guest count opens the door to "splurge" on some areas where you were struggling to cut costs. Always dreamed of a floral installation? What about that custom monogram and stationery suite? And let's not forget about those custom craft cocktails! An upgrade that may have felt like an out-of-reach luxury is now possible thanks to your new guest count! See, there is always an upside!

Be Thoughtful About Food

Let's be real, the catering companies were probably the first to get on top of this whole COVID situation. From staff training procedures to appropriately safe cooking attire (hello masks and face shields), these workers are ultra-focused on the health of their clients and staff members. If you're still feeling the buffet option, have no fear - your caterers' staff will operate it (wearing masks and gloves, of course) to avoid every guest touching everything. If you're feeling a bit weary of buffets, utilize a plated service style as an elegant and safe alternative. Plated meals not only alleviate crowding but add a hint of panache to your guest's experience.

Personal dessert? YES, PLEASE! As much as we adore the dessert bar, we also understand that it may cause some guests unease. If this is one of those COVID details you're a bit hung up on, check out these personal desserts that are a cute way to avoid everyone touching everything...again. Also, the cliche served "dessert course" is a way to get around guests touching everything. Whether its cookies & milk, mini-Bundt cakes or an assortment of bite-sized treats, your guests will thank you for going that extra mile!

Postponed for 2021? Pay Tribute to Your OG Date!

We’re sure your October 31st, Halloween themed wedding complete with craft beer, moody color palette, and a late-night costume change would have been breathtaking. But don’t stress, we’ve got the perfect way to incorporate your original date and theme into your new summer wedding! At Chalet View Lodge, our postponed couples are paying tributes to their original 2020 wedding dates by incorporating pieces of their OG design into their up-to-date nuptials. Whether its an Oktoberfest Welcome Party, Moody Color Palette, or 4th of July themed Rehearsal Dinner; your guests will LOVE reimagined details. Complete with dark Autumn beers and colorful décor, this tribute is an iconic ode to a postponed October wedding.

If your postponed event is coming up quick (Spring 2021, here we come!) we recommend sticking with small tweaks that are realistic and won’t break the bank! Moving your color palette from jewel tones to spring greenery is an excellent way to freshen up your design. Revisit your ‘day of’ stationery and see if you can shift the overall mood for lighter details. Chat with your vendors about any seasonal elements you’ve hit a roadblock on changing: velvet linens to shantung runners, dahlias to peonies, butternut squash soup to zucchini fritter. Replace the fur shrug with a custom denim jacket and BOOM you’ve got a Spring wedding!

Take a breath, you’ve got this!

As professional wedding planners, who absolutely LOVE planning, we are here to tell you to breathe and that YOU. HAVE. TIME. With an exceptional creative vendor team behind you, take one step at a time to create a wedding as exceptional (if not more) than your original plan! Don’t go crazy dwelling  on what your wedding may have looked like. We will review your finest wedding details to ensure that you have the most magical day. Enjoy your (extended) engagement and focus on celebrating love!

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