It's easy for a wedding reception menu to feel underwhelming - especially when dishes you've seen a million times keep popping up. There is so much more to wedding hors d'oeuvres than shrimp cocktail and pigs in a blanket. From appetizers to the main course and dessert, serving unique cuisine will add an extra level of panache that will have your mouth watering.

From mini lobster rolls, to gourmet grilled cheese and mini sliders, miniature versions of the classics have major guest appeal. Stay in season with a summertime oyster bar or personal pumpkin pies in the autumn. Before you start scrolling to explore some of our mouthwatering favorites, here's a key piece of advice to keep in mind when deciding on cuisine: serve the foods you and your partner love. Your wedding day should be a tribute to who you are as a couple - your menu should be no exception!

Wine Jell-O shots

Jell-O shots were not just made for frat parties! Wedding-worthy gelees infused with your favorite wine or alcohol and hints of citrus will be delightfully refreshing for your guests. Also, skip the dixie cup and display these alcoholic treats directly on a decorative tray to add a hint sophistication. 


Seriously, who doesn't love tacos? Get creative with either a make-your-own creation station for an extra level of customization, or offer these flavor-packed favorites as a pre-made passed app to satisfy your guests' snack-food cravings without pulling them away from mingling with friends and family. Keeping this treat bite-sized will minimize mess - nobody wants salsa running down their fancy attire!

Waffle Bites

If you are a breakfast lover and/or are just really into this delicious pastry - go rogue and serve mini waffles with custom varieties. Take a fiesta approach with salsa, corn and sour cream, go savory with bits of pancetta and goat cheese, or keep it southern-classic with fried chicken and maple syrup.

Lobster Rolls

You don't need to be a New Englander to offer this seafood delight. Lobster rolls are not only an unexpected hors d'oeuvre but are an elegant novelty and huge crowd pleaser.

Stuffed Soup Spoons

Serving lighter fare in an oversized soup spoon is ultra-friendly. This flavor packed lite-bite will allow guests to try a bit of everything while also appealing to all of the germaphobes out there!

Ice Cream Novelties

We're all a bit nostalgic for ice cream truck themed treats. While dancing into the wee hours on those hot summer nights, a chilled late-night snack is exactly what your guests will be craving. Sticking to old school novelties will add an aesthetic flair to your desserts and will also excite your guests with fun flavors. 


The only thing more satisfying than serving an interesting and deliciously-topped crostini bite at your wedding is presenting an entire crostini grazing table. Don't limit yourself to sweet OR savory - choose both and appease all taste bud cravings with a flavor filled bite in either direction.


Half croissant and half donut - cronuts are the new donut! Keep your millennial guests feeling trendy and fashionable with an Instagram-worthy treat.

Grilled Cheese

Turn this go-to comfort food into a cutesy appetizer with a bite-size sandwich and chilled tomato soup shooter. Play with cheeses and a variety of accoutrement that complements your go-to late night cravings to keep things unexpected. Keep it simple with smoked bacon and cheddar, or switch it up with thinly-sliced green apple, truffle honey and melted brie. How about "his" and "hers"? Yes please.


It's no secret that sushi is hardcore trending (and let's keep it going!). Keeping your protein options light and chic during the warmer months is key to keeping people feeling upbeat. This summer snack is protein-packed and will fill your guests up with enough energy to party all night long.


These tiny bites of soft, yet crunchy yumminess are small, mighty and packed with festiveness. Better yet, they don't  have to be served for dessert. Here's another fun one to put a twist on with the sweet vs savory debate: serve them as a sweet appetizer with powdered sugar and seasonal jam, or go the savory route with porcini,  parmigiana, and garlic thyme aioli. 

Gastropub Fare

Everyone loves a classic slider! Collaborate with your caterer to explore different flavors that might compliment each other. One of our personal favorites is a fried chicken slider with Alabama white BBQ sauce drizzled with sweet pickled relish created by Reno's Blend Catering. Although pub fare might not scream "wedding elegance," with a creative spin on both display and flavors, this mini appetizer can become the star of the show. 

We could talk about food FOREVER. Ultimately, there's nothing wrong with sticking to classic menu options - there is a reason they are signatures. Take a hint from some of our favorite cuisine options or customize a staple to make it one-of-a-kind. What matters most is that you and your significant other stick to whatever represents your personalities best!

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