We can finally say we've lived through 2020! The year of toilet paper shortages and sourdough recipes; been there, done that. It's finally 2021; we're one year stronger, and one year smarter. The Wedding Industry is also thrilled to be back into full-swing wedding planning. The beautiful day you have been working towards is almost here and will be an experience your guests will remember for a lifetime. It's going to be a day spent with those who love you and are so happy to celebrate your marriage to the person of your dreams.

Due to extenuating circumstances, there may be some guests who won't be able to attend your wedding in person. Trust us, they are probably more bummed than you about missing the party. One way to make them feel included on your big day, is to send them a wedding celebration gift box! This is an easy, affordable way to encourage your guests to experience your wedding day no matter how far away they may be. Whatever the scenario, your wedding will go on! It is important to let your "Guests from Afar" know they are missed, they are still important, and you will be thinking of them on the big day.

Here are some of our favorites to include:


Providing guests with a day-of wedding itinerary is the perfect way to keep your attendees up-to-date with all of the celebration details. In your wedding box, think about including a snapshot itinerary for your guest from afar so that they can celebrate along at home. For example, your guests will know what time the ceremony is, when your first dance is, and what time toasts are taking place, so that they can pop some champagne at the same time as you!


Coinciding with the wedding day itinerary, a really fun way to brighten up your guest from afar's day is including a link to the playlist surrounding your wedding day festivities. The songs can range from up-beat songs that you and your girls would play when getting ready, the ceremony music, bridal party entrance songs, first dance song and even your late-night dance mix. Get creative here and let them get a sense of your couple style and overall vibe of the wedding. Also, post a link to the playlist on your wedding website, or if you are a music lover, create a cd version for your guests as a wedding favor. That way, they can listen to it after the wedding and reminisce about the big day.


Let's be real. Snacks (and food in general) are one of the main reasons people show up to social gatherings. Cake pops, doughnuts, candy and cookies--yum! If you are having an outdoorsy wedding, include an at-home s'more kit, so your guest can munch on them from afar. If there is another type of snack that you're planning on having at the wedding, add it in the box too! But Jordan almonds are so outdated... please be sure to put something good in there!


Speaking about social media and all that technology goodness, also think about if you want to live stream your ceremony. This is the PERFECT way for anyone, anywhere, to be present at the time of your wedding. There are a bunch of different websites that you can look into that can fit within any budget. Provide the streaming link on your wedding website so that the guests that couldn't make it in person can still experience the magical moment from afar.


Create a recipe card that represents your couple personality, your family, or something that you are going to serve at the wedding. If you're serving banana pudding in honor of your grandma, include the recipe! If you are a big fan of tacos, and are going to have a taco truck at the wedding; include a grilled chicken taco recipe for your guest from afar so that they can make them at home! For an extra personal touch; rename the recipes with your wedding theme too!


Toss in a mini bottle of your favorite champagne! That way on your wedding night, when your guest from afar knows it's time for dinner and toasts, they can raise their glass at home and toast the newlyweds! If you REALLY want to give virtual attendees a sneak-peak into wedding design, add a custom label onto the bottle. Encourage them to share a photo on social media of their at-home celebration with your unique wedding hashtag or by tagging a custom Snap story.


This is what will mean the most to whomever is receiving your wedding giftbox. A simple thank you/ thinking-of-you note is a very personal and sentimental gesture that will show your virtual attendees you went the extra mile. It can be handwritten or you can order thank you notes that coordinate with your custom stationery suite. Also, if they sent you a wedding gift or added money to your honeymoon fund, be sure to take this opportunity to thank them. Use this an intimate way to express your gratitude for their presence, in any capacity, as you celebrate your happily-ever-after.

Whatever you decide to give your virtual attendees is totally up to you; it's YOUR big day after all. Just remember that no matter what is going on in the world, nothing can stop love. This day is all about celebrating your love story and we can guarantee it will be a magical day to remember. So, no matter where your guests are celebrating for you, don't stress the small stuff and enjoy the whole experience!

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