Congratulations, you're engaged! Now what? Heading to Barnes & Noble to stock up on bridal magazines might be your first instinct, but before you do that, we need to talk about a commonly overlooked step in the wedding planning process: defining your wedding style. Scrolling through Pinterest and diving into wedding inspiration blogs before you characterize your wedding can get messy. There are endless designs to replicate for your day-of details, and pulling inspiration without having an established theme will lead to an overwhelming and disjointed design concept. 

Your wedding style will be the foundation for nearly every decision you make - the importance of having a firmly established wedding aesthetic is to ease your planning process. Also, establishing a distinct concept will ensure a wedding that is not only breathtaking but is representative of your specific characteristics. 

Having a wedding that is unique to your aesthetic and personality is the #1 priority for all brides - here are some of our tips and tricks to establish a personalized design composition.   

Wardrobe Perspective

Thinking about your attire is an excellent place to start. The pieces you have curated over the years will speak to the fashion you are drawn to and how you choose to present yourself. Pull your favorite articles of clothing and accessories to help define your go-to vibe and put together a few keywords that encompass your aesthetic. Also, think about your partner's style and how it correlates to yours. Are you trendy, conservative, sporty, bohemian, edgy, and/or glamorous? If your partner is sporty and you are conservative keep that in mind when defining your "brand" so that you both are represented in your overall wedding design.

How Did You Get Engaged?

How your partner popped the question is a fun way to get creative when characterizing your wedding aesthetic. Personalized details that speak directly to your experiences are a sweet way to pay tribute to the intimate details of your relationship. Did you get engaged in Japan? Incorporate a Japanese inspired color palette, architectural elements, or a custom cocktail. If they hid the ring in your camera bag, try leaning into a photography-heavy theme. It's the small things that will have your guests smiling and cooing "awww." 

Interior Design

The atmosphere in which you feel most comfortable is a HUGE tell as to the aesthetic that will represent you best on your big day. As special as your wedding is, you should also feel relaxed and authentic - picture a glorified everyday vibe. If you love to garden, fill your wedding with florals. Is your plush velvet sofa your favorite place to kick back? Incorporate velvet textures into your linen design. If you wake up every morning wrapped in a dreamy lilac duvet, choose a color palate that mimics the softness of your bedroom. After all, this is YOUR wedding, not some random Pinterest bride.

Weekend Vibes

A wedding day style that reflects you and your partner's common interests will spark a personalized inspiration. If your go-to weekend activity is exploring a new surfing spot, an indoor wedding may not be for you. We have all fantasized about getting married in the snow for a moment or two - and while that is a gorgeous backdrop, stick to an image that speaks to your relationship. Dreaming up all of the different directions your wedding can go will make for a very complicated wedding planning process. It's important to narrow down your vision, to ensure that your wedding is "you" themed.

YOUR Favorites

Don't forget about you! This is YOUR wedding and you don't need to incorporate "traditional" details simply because you feel like you have to, or your guests expect you to. We love a non-obligatory couple who incorporates small design elements based on their specific personalities. If you love dinosaurs, it's ok to walk down the aisle to a string-quartet version of the Jurassic Park theme song. If you don't have a sweet tooth but love breakfast, it is ok to scrap a traditional wedding cake altogether. Instead have a stack of berry pancakes for your "cake" cutting photo. If your favorite color is black, there is no rule against incorporating black plates into your tablescape. In fact, we encourage it! Don't shy away from these details - they will ensure that your wedding day is anything but cookie-cutter. 

The Strength of Words

Once you have thoroughly contemplated your personal styles and everyday preferences, you will be able to define your wedding style. There are so many descriptive words to choose from and allowing too many to influence your design will create inconsistency. Pick three words that speak to you and stick with them. Write these words down in your planning book and discuss them with your planner to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to creating a refined wedding. Using these keywords throughout your planning process will help you make confident and cohesive decisions.

... Happy Planning!

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