We design florals for all types of events, with weddings being our most favorite. Our signature aesthetic combines whimsical and organic floral elements with a timeless, lush, romantic, and elegant garden style composition.


Floral designing is an art form, and I use flowers to connect your love story and the things that matter most to those nearest and dearest to you. I believe flowers are perhaps one of the most powerful tools nature has given us. They sooth our souls and evoke emotions that are deeply rooted, both familiar and unfamiliar. They ignite memories of dear loved ones, and offer nostalgia that may take us back to our roots. And at the very least, flowers bring us peace. Sometimes they work their magic without us even realizing it, and all we know is how good we feel when we are near them. Maybe pine reminds you of the holidays or camping with your family when you were a child. 

Perhaps yellow daisies make you think of playing in the backyard with your siblings when you were a child. What a gift we were given - so many colors and fragrances that leave us with everlasting memories. We are truly fortunate to have such beauty around us. Your wedding day should feel precious and sacred to you, and I would love to integrate the perfect floral combination to elevate the joyful experience for you and your guests.