As your photographer I aspire to capture moments that make me feel. That bring out a sense of creativity in me; It truly makes my soul full & it's so much of who I am.


I’m a full time adventurous wedding + elopement photographer + professional third wheel, based out of Reno, NV. I’m a follower of Christ, forever marked by his love, I adore sunshine and connecting with people. I get to do life with my other half, biggest supporter, and best friend in the whole world, Tyler. (yesss together, we’re Taylor & Tyler haha) & together we love to travel, EAT-(mostly sushi), lift weights, and obsess with our new fur babe in our down time. 

I’ve been shooting for 3 yrs now, and have found that my best and most heartfelt moments I’ve created, are with couples I’ve felt like I’ve effortlessly connected with. When you’re so comfortable with me that you can just let go and forget the camera is even there and we’re just straight hanging out and it just so happened that I brought my camera. No awkward poses, just you & what you see in each other… like the laugh so hard you fall to the ground, the quirks, the running fingers through the hair, booty grabs, the close and the quiet, the sarcastic and unique love you share. 

I do care who hires me, and if we are the best for each other, I strive to not only capture your story in the most authentic & raw way possible..  but to actually build friendship and a relationship with you. . Getting married is a huge deal, HUGE. Being a wedding photographer is a huge responsibility and i’ve realized it’s what makes me happiest… to create timeless pieces of art with your own living moments, to freeze moments in time that you can hold close to your heart and forever remember the way you looked at each other on your wedding day, to show your kiddohs, to look back on and celebrate 50 yrs of marriage.