Eric Andersen's signature emotive tenor voice and award-winning songwriting has captured the hearts of audiences for over a decade.


Andersen is best known for his catchy, melodic and lyrically driven songs. To quote singer/songwriter Kate Cotter, “Eric Andersen’s strong tenor voice is captivating. His grasp of technique, coupled with the nuance of raw emotion, rivals the best I’ve heard among any artist in the industry.” While Andersen’s music draws from themes of self-discovery, unwavering faith in the human spirit and overcoming adversity, his deadpan comedic stage presence never fails to draw a laugh from the audience.

When Eric isn’t touring with The Novelists, he performs regularly throughout the greater Reno/Tahoe area as a solo artist and in various other ensembles, including acoustic duos with Joel Ackerson (The Novelists Acoustic Duo/Andersen Ackerson) and singer/songwriter Kate Cotter. Andersen also performs occasionally with the Daryl Stuermer band as a guest lead vocalist.

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