Flowers for weddings & events. Bespoke studio based in Sacramento.


Shannon is a born and raised Northern California native. She spent much of her childhood at her family's cabin in the Trinity Alps Wilderness, hiking and identifying native flowers with her grandmother. This has contributed to a deep rooted love and appreciation for nature. Flowers have always been something that she has enjoyed, keeping fresh blooms in her home and relishing in beautifully manicured gardens and overgrown landscapes alike. She is never without her trusty clippers, always making note of the most unique foliages to be foraged when the time is right.

Her career as a florist started at a local shop, scrubbing buckets and making deliveries. She then moved to working for a local freelance wedding florist, and eventually founded Thistle and Honey in 2013. Since this time she has learned from renowned florists such as Flowerwild and Studio Choo, while developing her own unique design sense. One of the things Shannon loves most about doing flowers is the sense of community and kinship she has found in other floral designers both locally and nationally.

She strives to create arrangements that are loose and organic in composition. Shannon is incredibly inspired by the seasons, whether that be the changing colors from summer to fall, or the most prolific of lilac bushes in the spring, almost all of her work can somehow be tied into the seasons. She believes that flowers should be arranged loosely, in a manner that allows each stem to be showcased. Color theory places a large role in her floral designs, and she always is looking for ways to incorporate color in new ways. Big beautiful blooms, textural elements, and unusual varieties are mainstays in her design aesthetic.

Shannon lives and works in her 1948 cottage in East Sacramento with her husband Teddy and their dog, Lily.