Your wedding invitation suite personifies the tone and mood of your big day. Although the prime purpose of this underrated stationery is simply to outline details, it should also hint at the aesthetic of your wedding. Many couples design their wedding theme to mimic their personalities and individual style. Paying strong attention to small details will go a long way in celebrating your style as a couple. Taking the time to design an invitation suite that is unique and characteristic to your wedding theme will add suspense that is sure to excite your guests.

If you're recently engaged and wondering how to make the most out of your invitation suite, here are some of our favorite trends for 2020. Browsing websites like Minted are also a great way to find inspiration and figure out what you like and don't like. Ultimately, after a design concept is established between you and your planning partners, you will have a better idea as to what your invitation suite will look like.


Acrylic wedding invitations have been one of the top trends of 2020 and won't be going away anytime soon. This clear material is chic and sophisticated; left as-is it takes on the personality of your wedding theme while adding just a hint of modernism. Personalized acrylic with painted florals or marbling are a way to mix things up with this stationery trend and add a special flair unique to your wedding style. Also, using both acrylic and parchment in your wedding suite photographs extremely well.

Stamps Stamps Stamps

Postage is a necessity when it comes to wedding invites. No, we're not talking about that classic American flag stamp you find at the post office. Having fun with this small detail ensures that your guests will be greeted with a visually appealing alternative to the generic design. Many companies are now offering postage that is custom to compliment your invitation design. Do not miss out on this unique adornment!

Minimalist Typography

Contemporary and streamlined, this unfussy typeface is a straight-forward approach for a sophisticated message. For an ultra-modern feel stick with black text on an ivory cardstock. However, playing with color is a great way to evoke a more joyful mood that will create anticipation for your guests.

Full color stationery

Speaking of color, bold hues will be popping back up throughout the year. Solid-tone invitation suites are a great way to embrace the trend. If you are hoping to emote a vivid and joyful tone try color blocking with a complementing color palette (like the one pictured above). Take advantage of color theory and how various shades evoke mood. Don't be afraid of going bold - we promise a strong statement will be beloved.

Venue illustrations/maps

Bespoke wedding details have become the new norm and couples are incorporating unique characteristics into every aspect of their wedding day. Custom venue illustrations are one of the most popular ways to incorporate bespoke accents into your wedding suite. A favorite for destination weddings, and can be adapted for any venue. A one-of-a-kind piece of art will personify your wedding suite - allowing your guests to imagine the splendor of your wedding day. Watercolor, letterpress, graphite sketches, and metallic foil are all mediums you can use to represent your wedding style.

Wax seals

If there's one thing that elevates a wedding suite, it's a wax seal. This old-world inspired trend is elegant and relays how much thought you have put into. Between color, design, and placement, adorning your suite with a wax seal gives you and your fiancé the opportunity to be creative in personalization. Opting for a custom design featuring a monogram, crest, or motif used throughout your overall wedding design is a beautiful way to create a significant detail.


Vellum is a translucent paper that is often used as an invitation insert. For a trendy effect, skip the card stock and print your invitations directly onto vellum. Regardless of your style, this frosted texture adds a strong visual interest to your wedding suite. This soft and modern vibe can be paired with virtually any embellishment, from ink to metallics and bohemian accents.

Envelope liners

Stationery designers are having loads of fun with envelope liners. This layer is the first thing your guests will see when enthusiastically opening your invitation. Playful elements of color or personalization is an idyllic finishing touch for an eye-catching parcel. Also, don't be afraid to play with colored envelopes; pull from your wedding style color palette to maintain consistency.


Lovely penmanship, elaborate calligraphy, and decorative flourishes are an elegant touch to any invitation suite - and we're not talking about Jane Austen vibes. Calligraphers are interpreting modern and fresh styles of penmanship that are curated to various design concepts. Playing with style details such as negative space, metallics, illustrations, and of course color will add a hip and contemporary vibe. If you are wary about going overboard, try mixing up your typography by pairing calligraphy with a modern font.

Personalized details

Custom monograms are evolving away from the letter locking style of the past and towards a fresh new design. A custom couple's logo is a signifying detail that will last long after your I do's. Invitations, cocktail napkins, signage, and personal stationery are just some of the ways to showcase a bespoke design. This is a great opportunity to get creative -- blow up your logo and create custom lighting for your dance floor, print it on matchboxes for a custom escort display, or display it as a neon sign for a bold photo booth backdrop.

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